Having started our business in 1987, we now operate 220 acres of field and container production including  6.5 acres of propagation facilitys with a Tissue Culture Laboratory.


We propagate, produce, sell, and broker seeds, ornamental plants and trees (sizes range from liners to large street trees and specimens). We research and develop propagation techniques including micro-propagation.


We offer an extensive line of products including native Canadian and North American plants, commonly recognized garden species and cultivars as well as rare ornamental shrubs, trees, perennials, grasses and vines.


We search for new and rare plant species and cultivars, we develop new plant cultivars ourselves, and we introduce them to both local and international markets, e.g. we have introduced the Wild Dragon Series to the North American market, which to date consists of 71 new plants, mostly originating from Asia.




Piroche Plants Inc. is an active member of the following associations:


CNTA (Canadian Nursery Trades Association)

BCLNA (British Columbia Landscape & Nursery Association)

IPPS (International Plant Propagators Society)






CanWest Horticulture Show

September 25-26 2019


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